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Volume 430, Pages 1-282, 7 October 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 430, Pages 1-282, 7 October 2017

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Page IFC
Numerical simulation of colloidal self-assembly of super-hydrophobic arachnid cerotegument structures    Original Research Article
Pages 1-8
Alexander É. Filippov, Jonas O. Wolff, Michael Seiter, Stanislav N. Gorb
Prediction of protein-protein interactions by label propagation with protein evolutionary and chemical information derived from heterogeneous network    Original Research Article
Pages 9-20
Yu-Ting Wen, Hai-Jun Lei, Zhu-Hong You, Bai-Ying Lei, Xing Chen, Li-Ping Li
Noise slows the rate of Michaelis–Menten reactions    Original Research Article
Pages 21-31
J. David Van Dyken
Modeling coexistence of oscillation and Delta/Notch-mediated lateral inhibition in pancreas development and neurogenesis    Original Research Article
Pages 32-44
Hendrik B. Tiedemann, Elida Schneltzer, Johannes Beckers, Gerhard K.H. Przemeck, Martin Hrabě de Angelis
Collective strategies and cyclic dominance in asymmetric predator-prey spatial games    Original Research Article
Pages 45-52
Annette Cazaubiel, Alessandra F. Lütz, Jeferson J. Arenzon
Independent channels for miRNA biosynthesis ensure efficient static and dynamic control in the regulation of the early stages of myogenesis    Original Research Article
Pages 53-63
Jonathan Fiorentino, Andrea De Martino
Exact results for the probability and stochastic dynamics of fixation in the Wright-Fisher model    Original Research Article
Pages 64-77
Hassan Shafiey, David Waxman
Evolvability and robustness: A paradox restored    Original Research Article
Pages 78-85
Christine Mayer, Thomas F. Hansen
Survival phenotype, selfish individual versus Darwinian phenotype    Original Research Article
Pages 86-91
József Garay, Vill' Csiszár, Tamás F. Móri
Generation time and fitness tradeoffs during the evolution of multicellularity    Original Research Article
Pages 92-102
Martin P. Leslie, Deborah E. Shelton, Richard E. Michod
Modeling mechanical control of spindle orientation of intestinal crypt stem cells    Original Research Article
Pages 103-108
Zsolt Bertalan, Stefano Zapperi, Caterina A.M. La Porta
Protein lipograms    Original Research Article
Pages 109-116
Jason Laurie, Amit K. Chattopadhyay, Darren R. Flower
A mechanistic model quantifies artemisinin-induced parasite growth retardation in blood-stage Plasmodium falciparum infection    Original Research Article
Pages 117-127
Pengxing Cao, Nectarios Klonis, Sophie Zaloumis, David S. Khoury, Deborah Cromer, Miles P. Davenport, Leann Tilley, Julie A. Simpson, James M. McCaw
Conditions for success of engineered underdominance gene drive systems    Original Research Article
Pages 128-140
Matthew P. Edgington, Luke S. Alphey
A cellular automaton based on plasma membrane turnover accurately recapitulates cell mechanics during epithelial scattering    Original Research Article
Pages 141-156
Christian F. Schmutz, Trey D. Hatton, Michael P. Blomfield, Benjamin D. Chandler, Trent C. Benedick, Marc D.H. Hansen
Sepsis reconsidered: Identifying novel metrics for behavioral landscape characterization with a high-performance computing implementation of an agent-based model    Original Research Article
Pages 157-168
Chase Cockrell, Gary An
The dose-dense principle in chemotherapy    Original Research Article
Pages 169-176
Álvaro G. López, Kelly C. Iarosz, Antonio M. Batista, Jesús M. Seoane, Ricardo L. Viana, Miguel A.F. Sanjuán
An entropic model of Gaia    Original Research Article
Pages 177-184
R. Arthur, A. Nicholson
Propagation and control of gene expression noise with non-linear translation kinetics    Original Research Article
Pages 185-194
J. David Van Dyken
Quantifying the influence of oscillatory flow disturbances on blood flow    Original Research Article
Pages 195-206
Sargon A. Gabriel, Yan Ding, Yuqing Feng
Comparing the rankings obtained from two biodiversity indices: the Fair Proportion Index and the Shapley Value    Original Research Article
Pages 207-214
Kristina Wicke, Mareike Fischer
Duality between cooperation and defection in the presence of tit-for-tat in replicator dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 215-220
Seung Ki Baek, Su Do Yi, Hyeong-Chai Jeong
A note on stress-driven anisotropic diffusion and its role in active deformable media    Original Research Article
Pages 221-228
Christian Cherubini, Simonetta Filippi, Alessio Gizzi, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Emergence and maintenance of menopause in humans: A game theory model    Original Research Article
Pages 229-236
Valentin Thouzeau, Michel Raymond
Asymmetric disease dynamics in multihost interconnected networks    Original Research Article
Pages 237-244
Shai Pilosof, Gili Greenbaum, Boris R. Krasnov, Yuval R. Zelnik

Graphical abstract

Model of vascular desmoplastic multispecies tumor growth    Original Research Article
Pages 245-282
Chin F. Ng, Hermann B. Frieboes

Graphical abstract

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