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DNA and a Coincidence Lead to Arrest in 1999 Double Murder in Alabama

For 19 years, police were unable to identify the person who fatally shot two 17-year-olds. Then they turned to the technique used in the Golden State Killer case.

From the NYTimes News-2019-3-19:8:5:1

Ancient migration transformed Spain's DNA

A migration from Central Europe transformed the genetic make-up of Iberia, a new DNA study reveals.

From the BBC News-2019-3-15:8:5:1

Matter: The Story of the Iberian Peninsula, Told in DNA

With an analysis of nearly 300 skeletons from various periods, scientists are peering into human prehistory in the region.

From the NYTimes News-2019-3-14:20:6:1

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Assembling Life: How Can Life Begin on Earth and Other Habitable Planets? by David W. Deamer from Oxford University Press (Mar 16).

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Evolutionary and Developmental Biology by Giuseppe Fusco from Padova University Press (Mar 1).

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Paleogenomics: Genome-scale analysis of ancient DNA ed by Om Rajora from Springer (Feb 18).

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Mar 19 12:00Conservation, divergence and functions of centromeric satellite DNA families in the Bovidae - A Escudeiro et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 12:00Primate piRNA Cluster Evolution Suggests Limited Relevance of Pseudogenes in piRNA-Mediated Gene Regulation - Daniel Gebert, Hans Zischler, David Rosenkranz (GBE)
Mar 19 12:00Amplification Dynamics of Platy-1 retrotransposons in the Cebidae Platyrrhine lineage - Jessica M Storer et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Fine-scale characterization of genomic structural variation in the human genome reveals adaptive and biomedically relevant hotspots - Yen-Lung Lin, Omer Gokcumen (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Antiquity of forelimb ecomorphological diversity in the mammalian stem lineage (Synapsida) - Jacqueline K. Lungmus, Kenneth D. Angielczyk (PNAS)
Mar 18 12:00Testing Empirical Support for Evolutionary Models that Root the Tree of Life - Derek Caetano-Anollés et al. (JME)

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