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Trilobites: In an Ancient Burial Place, 3 Centuries of One Woman’s Descendants

A study of DNA from 14 bodies in a burial site in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon found a matrilineal link, raising questions about a society’s structure.

From the NYTimes News-2017-2-24:14:6:1

GM hens help build 'frozen aviary' in Edinburgh

Genetically-modified hens that can lay eggs from different poultry breeds are helping scientists set up a "frozen aviary" to conserve rare birds.

From the BBC News-2017-2-17:14:6:1

Trilobites: After Earth’s Worst Mass Extinction, Life Rebounded Rapidly, Fossils Suggest

A teenager’s fossil hunt two decades agao may have changed paleontologists’ understanding of how long it took to recover from the “Great Dying” 252 million years ago.

From the NYTimes News-2017-2-16:20:6:1

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