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Matter: Almost Two-Thirds of Primate Species Near Extinction, Scientists Find

From gorillas to gibbons, a wide-ranging survey finds that the world’s primates are in steep decline.

From the NYTimes News-2017-1-18:14:6:2

DNA-testing smartphone aims to tackle drugs resistance

A smartphone attachment that analyses DNA could help improve cancer and tuberculosis treatments.

From the BBC News-2017-1-18:14:6:1

IVF: First three-parent baby born to infertile couple

A technique designed to help parents affected by genetic disorders is used to tackle infertility.

From the BBC News-2017-1-18:8:5:1

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Participate in a short survey to investigate gender across academic fields (for principle investigators). (Jan 18).

Human Evolution: Our Brians and Behaviour by R.Dunbar from Oxford Univ Press. (Jan 10).

Instagram course at Louisana State University, Jan 27 - Feb 17. (Jan 6).

Evolution Made to Order Plant Breeding and Technological Innovation in Twentieth-Century America by H.Curry from Univ Chicago Press. (Jan 5).

The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself by by Sean Carroll from Random House. (Jan 2).

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Jan 18 12:00Genome-wide Analysis in Brazilians Reveals Highly Differentiated Native American Genome Regions - Josyf C. Mychaleckyj et al. (MBE)
Jan 18 12:00Genomic infectious disease epidemiology in partially sampled and ongoing outbreaks - Xavier Didelot, Christophe Fraser, Jennifer Gardy, Caroline Colijn (MBE)
Jan 18 12:00Evolutionary History of the Asian Horned Frogs (Megophryinae): Integrative Approaches to Timetree Dating in the Absence of a Fossil Record - Stephen Mahony, Nicole M. Foley, S.D. Biju, Emma C. Teeling (MBE)
Jan 17 16:00Comparative genomics reveals convergent evolution between the bamboo-eating giant and red pandas - Yibo Hu et al. (PNAS)
Jan 17 16:00Ontogenetic and life history trait changes associated with convergent ecological specializations in extinct ungulate mammals - Helder Gomes Rodrigues, Anthony Herrel, Guillaume Billet (PNAS)
Jan 17 16:00Genomic analysis reveals major determinants of cis-regulatory variation in Capsella grandiflora - Kim A. Steige, Benjamin Laenen, Johan Reimegård, Douglas G. Scofield, Tanja Slotte (PNAS)
Jan 17 16:00Selection against variants in the genome associated with educational attainment - Augustine Kong et al. (PNAS)
Jan 17 16:00Evolution of antibiotic resistance is linked to any genetic mechanism affecting bacterial duration of carriage - Sonja Lehtinen et al. (PNAS)
Jan 17 16:00The NBS-LRR architectures of plant R-proteins and metazoan NLRs evolved in independent events - Jonathan M. Urbach, Frederick M. Ausubel (PNAS)

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