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Observatory: Horselike Fossil From 48 Million Years Ago Preserved While Pregnant

The specimen described in a new study is the earliest and best-preserved mammalian fetus to date.

From the NYTimes News-2015-10-9:8:5:1

Study: Eurasian Farmers Migrated to Africa 3,000 Years Ago

Scientists say they have extracted ancient DNA from the skull of a man buried in the highlands of Ethiopia 4,500 years ago that supports the theory that Eurasian farmers migrated into Africa some 3,000 years ago.

From the NYTimes News-2015-10-8:20:6:2

First ancient African genome sequenced

A 4,500-year-old African genome reveals how our ancient ancestors moved back and forth between continents.

From the BBC News-2015-10-8:20:6:1

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The Runes of Evolution, How the Universe Became Self-Aware by S.Conway Morris from Templeton (Oct 2).

Noise Matters, The Evolution of Communication, by R.Haven Wiley from Harvard Univ Press (Oct 2).

Intl Journal Genomics call for papers for an issue on conservation and genomic tools. (Sep 21).

Reticulate Evolution: Symbiogenesis, Lateral gene transfer, Hybridization and Infectious heredity, edited by N.Gontier from Springer (Sep 14).

Bioinformatics workshops available from Genialis this fall in europe. (Sep 11).

Physiological and Biochemical Zoology is soliciting manuscripts for review for a Focused Issue on: Early-life Effects on the Adult Phenotype. (Sep 3).

August Weismann Development, Heredity, and Evolution, by F.Churchill from Harvard Univ Press (Aug 31).

When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time, by M.Benton from Thames and Hudson (Aug 31).

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Oct 10 08:00The Dynamics of Genetic Interactions Between Vibrio metoecus and Vibrio cholerae, Two Close Relatives Co-Occurring in the Environment - Fabini D. Orata et al. (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00The genome and methylome of a beetle with complex social behavior, Nicrophorus vespilloides (Coleoptera: Silphidae) - Christopher B. Cunningham et al. (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00Deciphering genome content and evolutionary relationships of isolates from the fungus Magnaporthe oryzae attacking different host plants. - Hélène Chiapello et al. (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00Localization and evolution of putative triose phosphate translocators in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum - Daniel Moog, Stefan A. Rensing, John M. Archibald, Uwe G. Maier, Kristian K. Ullrich (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00Evidence for adaptation to the Tibetan Plateau inferred from Tibetan loach transcriptomes - Ying Wang et al. (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00Solving a bloody mess: B-vitamin independent metabolic convergence among gammaproteobacterial obligate endosymbionts from blood-feeding arthropods and the leech Haementeria officinalis - Alejandro Manzano-Marín, Alejandro Oceguera-Figueroa, Amparo Latorre, Luis F. Jiménez-García, Andres Moya (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00Functional and structural consequence of rare exonic single nucleotide polymorphisms: one story, two tales - Wanjun Gu et al. (GBE)
Oct 10 08:00Functional Analyses of Transcription Factor Binding Sites that Differ between Present-day and Archaic Humans - Sven Weyer, Svante Pääbo (MBE)
Oct 9 08:00Parallelism and epistasis in skeletal evolution identified through use of phylogenomic mapping strategies - Jacob M Daane, Nicolas Rohner, Peter Konstantinidis, Sergej Djuranovic, Matthew P Harris (MBE)
Oct 8 08:00Introns structure patterns of variation in nucleotide composition in Arabidopsis thaliana and rice protein-coding genes - Adrienne Ressayre et al. (GBE)

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