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Stop Bashing G.M.O. Foods, More Than 100 Nobel Laureates Say

The world’s top scientists say opponents of genetically modified foods are standing in the way of nutrition for people around the world.

From the NYTimes News-2016-6-30:20:6:1

Why Do We Inherit Mitochondrial DNA Only From Our Mothers?

New research investigates why paternal mitochondria perish in embryos.

From the NYTimes News-2016-6-23:20:6:1

Study unlocks surprising behaviour of soil bacteria

Newly sequenced genomes of soil bacteria have led to questions about how differing land management affects the organisms' behaviour, on agriculture and emissions.

From the BBC News-2016-6-17:8:5:1

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Science/AAAS and SciLifeLab offer a young scientist prize. (Jun 30).

Patterns in Nature. The Analysis of Species Co-occurences by J.Sanderson and S.Pimm, from Univ Chicago Press (Jun 22).

A list of grants for conservation and environmental biology is avaiable. (Jun 16).

Seminar Participation survey about why academics choose to participate or not is available. (Jun 16).

Deadline extended to Sep 5 for Workshop on AlertTools. Oviedo Spain. (Jun 14).

Monsanto is looking to hire corn Breeder. (Jun 6).

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Jun 30 08:00Diversification of R2R3-MYB Transcription Factors in the Tomato Family Solanaceae - (JME)
Jun 29 16:00Evolution of the calcium-based intracellular signalling system - Elodie Marchadier et al. (GBE)
Jun 29 16:00Y-chromosome structural diversity in the bonobo and chimpanzee lineages - Matthew T. Oetjens, Feichen Shen, Sarah B. Emery, Zhengting Zou, Jeffrey M. Kidd (GBE)
Jun 29 16:00Assembled plastid and mitochondrial genomes, as well as nuclear genes, place the parasite family Cynomoriaceae in the Saxifragales - Sidonie Bellot et al. (GBE)
Jun 29 16:00Neighboring genes for DNA-binding proteins rescue male sterility in Drosophila hybrids - Marjorie A. Liénard, Luciana O. Araripe, Daniel L. Hartl (PNAS)
Jun 29 08:00Molecular evolutionary consequences of island colonisation - Jennifer E. James, Robert Lanfear, Adam Eyre-Walker (GBE)
Jun 29 08:00The variable regions of Lactobacillus rhamnosus genomes reveal the dynamic evolution of metabolic and host-adaptation repertoires - Corina Ceapa et al. (GBE)
Jun 29 08:00Characterization of Somatically‚ÄźEliminated Genes During Development of the Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) - Stephanie A. Bryant, Joseph R. Herdy, Chris T. Amemiya, Jeramiah J. Smith (MBE)

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