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Sigrid Johnson Was Black. A DNA Test Said She Wasn’t.

The surge in popularity of services like 23andMe and Ancestry means that more and more people are unearthing long-buried connections and surprises in their ancestry.

From the NYTimes News-2018-11-19:8:5:1

A ‘Time Capsule’ for Scientists, Courtesy of Peter the Great

A Russian zoological museum filled with centuries-old specimens finds renewed relevance in the age of genetics.

From the NYTimes News-2018-11-12:20:6:2

Mystery monkey: history of unique Xenothrix fossil revealed

A now-extinct monkey from Jamaica had South American roots, according to new DNA evidence.

From the BBC News-2018-11-12:20:6:1

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Evolution Education Around the Globe, edited by Hasan Deniz, Lias A. Borgerding, from Springer. (Nov 17).

Darwinian Evolution of Molecules Physical and Earth-Historical Perspective of the Origin of Life, by Hiromoto Nakazawa, from Springer. (Nov 10).

Rethinking Human Evolution edited by Jeffrey H. Schwartz, from MIT Press (Nov 3).

Convergent Evolution in Stone-Tool Technology edited by Michael J. O'Brien, Briggs Buchanan, and Metin I. Eren. from MIT Press (Oct 27).

Chimpanzees and Human Evolution edited by Martin N. Muller, Richard W. Wrangham, David R. Pilbeam. from Harvard University Press (Oct 20).

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Nov 19 20:00Testing the retroelement invasion hypothesis for the emergence of the ancestral eukaryotic cell - Gloria Lee et al. (PNAS)
Nov 19 12:00Folding, Assembly, and Persistence: The Essential Nature and Origins of Biopolymers - Calvin M. Runnels et al. (JME)
Nov 19 08:00Genome-wide regulatory adaptation shapes population-level genomic landscapes in Heliconius - James J Lewis, Robert D Reed (MBE)

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